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Mission & Vision

Our Motto

“True wisdom begins within, true knowledge makes us whole…”

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to lead and educate students to be qualified as Natural Therapists co-creating holism and caring for every living thing. We envisage a System in which Natural Therapists work in a complementary role with Medical and Allied Health Professionals to provide South Africa with a holistic and educational approach to its wellness and well-being which is focused on disease and illness prevention.

Our Mission

It is our mission to:

  • educate individuals to be qualified in Natural Therapies;
  • establish a network of exceptional therapists working together in a supportive role;
  • develop ongoing training whereby our students can continually better themselves;
  • develop research-based teaching and learning in Natural Therapies;
  • support our students in an ongoing manner with regards to their future;
  • provide educational systems that foster excellence in academic standards in accordance with international standards, international best practices, and a values oriented approach to education;
  • graduate individuals with a high level of professionalism that allows them to work in Natural Therapies as sole practitioners, educators, partners in holistic medicine, and the natural health products sectors;
  • establish links with leading Natural Therapies educational institutes world-wide;