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About the CAMS Institute

CAMS Institute is an association and educational institution committed to the support, standards and recognition of the Complementary and Alternative Health Industry with its focus on the practitioners in South Africa working in that field.

CAMS was established as an association in support of the complementary health and alternative medical field. Practitioners in this field can now enjoy the recognition and support they deserve. CAMS gives the practitioners in this field a voice with the tools and support needed to practice with confidence. We are involved in research and are on the forefront of information and developments around the world with its base in South Africa and representation around the world.

We cater for all complementary, alternative and natural therapy modalities, including those in the health and skincare field (currently over 700 therapies) and offer our members a host of information, advice and benefits by means of access to information and expert advice, from natural health articles to marketing and legislative information. We are committed to ensuring high standards in the industry as well as international recognition of your qualification.

The CAMS Institute is also an internationally renowned academy, specializing in a vast range of complementary therapy courses. Our intense training is designed to transform students into experts. We are devoted to providing personal growth with integrity and a commitment to excellence. It is our privilege to present programs on an international standard, where every member of our team shares a common commitment to provide outstanding education. The pressure is on us to provide the community with top-notch therapists with solid reputations, quality education and firm understanding of the therapist/client relationship. We at the academy gladly rise to that challenge!

At the academy we encourage personal growth, balance and sensitivity that qualify each student to work successfully as a professional therapist. We provide open learning programs that ensure the flexibility and professionalism required for you to achieve your dreams. We have a continuous, qualified staff of lecturers whose intelligence, enthusiasm, and creativity inspire an open and free atmosphere for learning.

What is an Association?

[uh-soh-see-ey-shuhn, -shee-]

1. an organization of people with a common purpose and having a formal structure.

2. an organization of persons having a common interest

An association is simply a group of people sharing a common interest. It is important to note that an association is not a governing/regulating body and should under no circumstances be confused or construed as such. A governing body has a mandate from government and is governed by law. In South Africa the only governing body in this industry is the Allied Health Professions Council governed by the Allied Health Professions Act. It is a requirement by law that all practitioners of these therapies be registered with the AHPCSA.

A governing/regulating body has authority to enforce regulations in the industry they have mandate to govern. An association act in the interests of their members within that industry and membership to the association is voluntary.

Why was the CAMS Institute formed?

The CAMS Institute was founded due to the need for therapists/practitioners in South Africa to unite, giving them a voice in the industry, protecting their rights as well as keeping them informed with developments in the industry. Members of the CAMS institute also commit to our Code of Ethics ensuring that the public can be sure of the highest level of professionalism when they book a treatment/session with them. Should they not live up to this code, the public has the right to lodge a complaint with the CAMS Institute, who will then investigate the matter and take the appropriate action. This gives the public a sense of security knowing that they will receive a professional service.

All Professional Members of the CAMS Institute commit to a Code of Ethics. This ensures that their clients can be certain of a highly professional service at all times.


  • Members shall practice their profession only within the boundaries as set forth in the definition of such and for which they have had proper training.
  • Members shall keep accurate and up-to-date records regarding a client’s condition before and after a treatment.
  • Members shall obtain an overview or profile of the client’s state of being and health history and discuss with the client any problem areas that may contra-indicate treatment. In cases where treatment / bodywork may be or is contra-indicated, members shall acknowledge their limitations and refer the client to the appropriate health professional.
  • Members shall pay very strict attention to cleanliness and professionalism including but not limited to all linens, personal clothing, body and mind, and the environment of the treatment area.
  • In the interest of a professional session, members shall provide a relaxing atmosphere for the client; including cleanliness, a peaceful atmosphere, attention to scheduling, proper warmth of the room, lotions and oils, and most importantly sensitive attention and response to the clients comfort zones.
  • Members shall maintain a clear and honest relationship with their clients and shall keep all clients’ communications, whether medical or personal strictly confidential.
  • Members shall abide by all laws which pertain to their work as a practitioner of their field of interest.
  • Members will in no way instigate or tolerate any kind of sexual advance while acting in the capacity of a practitioner.
  • Members shall recognise and respect the rights of all ethical practitioners and will co-operate with all health professionals in a friendly and professional manner.